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alt=”ABBI British Shorthair Argentina” width=”460″ height=”100″

Criadores Amigos / Cattery Friends

Persian cattery Natastav

«Bastet-a-tet» brithish shorthair cattery. Cultivation and sale of kittens of the British breed. Articles about cats, a photo of kittens.

Питомник Merloni


Devon Rex cattery Golden Elf


Don Sphynx 'V.I.P. Cats' cattery

Lynx Place Maine Coon cattery

Ness Lavan himalayan and exotic cattery

RozenTal. The Cattery of Singapura Cats.

Sphynx cattery van de Noorderplassen

Cinkers*PL :: Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich


from Sharphill

Cattery von Blumental: Mopse und Britisch Kurzhaarkatze & Bengalkatzen

Marble Design*UA :: Британские кошки мраморных окрасов

Cattery Magic Flower

Питомник британских кошек Alimur's


British Shorthair Breeders


  Cattery of British ShorthairAngela’s British Cat di Angela Manenti

Nursery of British short-haired cats & quot; Enigmatic Smile & quot;

Senza titolo-2

banner british

Cattery La Murr Pers and Exot


Magic Smile Cattery


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